About Us

About Us

We began in 2016. Here at Rebel Reaper Clothing Company, its a lot more to us than just a "T-Shirt" or a product. Its a brand, a lifestyle, that we fully embrace and live in our day to day lives.

The owner of the company created this brand because he got so tired of seeing "Corpo" big name companies not only not relating to him, but also the fact that major companies simply look at their customers as a number instead of a real person.

The owner, Matt, began with a mission to do the company opposite that any other standard company did. With treating each and every customer with the upmost respect, listening, engaging interactions, listening to what the people wanted - then made it.

Quality always comes first along with unmatched customer service here, above anything else. We prefer the old saying "quality over quantity" here when it comes to our customer products, or our products in general.

Weather you're into a custom vest, custom jeans, USA Made Selvedge Denim, jackets, shirts, hats, and more - best believe and rest assured we've done the YEARS of research, trial, and error to assure you're getting nothing less than the best. Any questions, message us on Instagram - guarantee you'll get the owner of the company to message you back ASAP - good luck getting that kind of attention and service with a "big name company"

We support local business, likeminded individual companies, and just out to make the raddest shit we possibly can in a world full of cheap cook-cutter mimics, we seek out to do the complete opposite.

Instagram: @rebelreaperclothing

Facebook: @rebelreaperclothing

Business email: contact@rebelreaper.com

Business phone: (480)750-9311

Business Warehouse/Storefront location:

15863 N Greenway Hayden Loop

Suite #116

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


- RRCC Team