About Us

About Us

Rebel Reaper Clothing Co. was created in 2016 as a brand that not only supports the motorcycle enthusiast lifestyle, but actually lives the lifestlyle as well.

Matt Cates, owner and founder of this company got tired of the endless sea it seemed of low quality products with an overpriced tag. So he sought out to create his own clothing - using some of the most highest quality blends of fabrics, prints, and styles that you can get today. Stuff that incorporates Matt's passion and purpose ever since he was a kid to try products and brands he grew up with. Finding ways to do things better, providing higher quality products at an affordable and confident price point. Matt has an extensive history with motorcycles and 4-wheel vehicles dating back from past family members, to himself as a child till current day.

What you see Rebel Reaper as today, is decades accumulated to reflect Matt's personal style and livelihood brought to you through clothing. "Passion with Purpose" is his motto.

We wanted to create a company that believes in quality first and taking pride in that. We work as a unit and a family. We build bikes, support local car/motorcycle shows, donate to local charities that support the lifestyle, and embrace living everyday like its your last. You see, there are a ton of similar brands, but not many who actually live it up like we do at R&R Co.

We believe in not only living life to the fullest, but also striving to be the absolute best you can be as a person as well. Striving for your goals, dreams, and making them a reality. We are only here on this planet for a short time, so why not give it your all? That's what we focus on. Giving our all.

We focus on providing high quality products for our customers that stand by a 14 day of date of purchase 100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied with our products.

Customer service is our main drive, because we know without loyal customers we wouldn't be here. So if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us for anything at all.

We appreciate your business and looking forward to future years of R&R Co. We have some big things planned for the future.

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- RRCC Team


Matt Cates

Founder and CEO
Matt Cates, owner and CEO of Rebel Reaper - grew up in Orange County, CA - from heat pressing shirts/hats in a 5x5 storage unit in the early dates of Rebel Reaper for nearly 8 months straight.... has build a full fledge company you see today - Matt is anything but new to clothing and anything that rides fast to get your heart moving. He created Rebel Reaper in a sense to bring out his own creativity, love for music, Rat Rods, motorcycles, offroading, traditional tattoo art, etc mixed into the clothing you see today. Matt has been riding for nearly a decade, working on bikes, car enthusiast, art collector, and has ran several clothing and other companies that've paved the way for Rebel Reaper.


Marketing Director
Rod McDonald is anything but new to the scene. With his personality, mixed along with the need for speed, along with creativity behind some of the products/marketing of Rebel Reaper... he's a true asset to the team and has been there since day one of the creation of Rebel Reaper. He is also the co-host of the Podcast "Purgatory: A Rebel Reaper Podcast" on iTunes and Android