Episode 011: “Take Care Of Your People, Stay Humble, Or Lose” (MM)

Today, Matt, owner of Rebel Reaper @matt_moto goes into detail about how he runs Rebel Reaper. About how important it is to take the few minutes of your day to THANK those who support you. And how important it is that taking care of everyone who supports you as A FRIEND and not a “number”. Matt is very passionate about this topic… because its so uncommonly seen out there, and how he used to be treated with other companies, that now its the main personality trait he uses to this day to help shape the brand. He goes into how he “grew the page so fast”, that is all about one simple concept… taking care of your people like humans, and not just a transaction. Listen in for more – www.RebelReaper.com – IG: @rebelreaperclothing @matt_moto

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