Episode 013 – “Smoke & Mirrors – Dont Get Sucked Into It”

Today, @matt_moto Owner and Founder of Rebel Reaper Clothing Company @rebelreaperclothing – discusses the make or break of how viewing yourself on social media comparing to others out in the world – wondering “why am I not successful?” – “why am I not winning?” – we all do it… and Matt goes into detail how dangerous it is to compare yourself to others and how its holding you back in life – you need to break free from that and realize that the ones that show the “things” in a great life that it took them YEARS to get and alot of hardwork… people dont see the journey it took to get there, and how important it is that when you get kicked down… you keep going forward. – you either use social media as a tool to motivate you to win or use it as an excuse why you’ll never move forward – dont be the norm – break free from the norm – www.RebelReaper.com 

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