Episode 014: “Find The Answers Yourself For Long Term Success”

Today, Matt, Owner and Founder of Rebel Reaper Clothing Comapny @rebelreaperclothing @matt_moto – talks about something more practical. Something that will help you, something he wishes someone told him LONG ago – learning everything your own. Failing is the greatest gift if you’d like to win long term. Utilizing the tools we have today to help learn ANYTHING you’d like to learn and put in the necessary actions and feedback to make what you’d like to make – talks about the early days about learning about materials, shirts, fitment, styles, ect – back then ordering over 100 different brand shirts/blends/fabrics personally worn and tested enough to make a solid product for our customers. Listen in, and dont forget to leave a review and subscribe to us on iTunes and NOW AVAILABLE on Android – www.RebelReaper.com 

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