Episode 015: “STOP Trying To Please The World – Stick To Your Values”

Today, owner and founder of Rebel Reaper Clothing Company (Instagram @rebelreaperclothing – Personal Instagram: @matt_moto) goes into detail of a time where he experienced his first upset customer. And how it changed his outlook on developing amazing customer service, how it all worked out, and what he learned about trying to please everyone. There’s going to be times we ALL face, that not everyone is going to like what you do or say, or produce. And you have to be ok with that. Just accept it. And keep moving forward in a way that helps take care of your customers/people as much as you can. Because lets face it, anyone who says “everyday is perfect” is full of shit. Not everyone and everyday is going to go great, just be ready for it, and make sure you move forward in a way that is positive instead of negative dragging you down trying to be a watered-down-generic-boring version of everyone else. Do it in your own way, not everyone will like it, and thats what makes you stand out. – Dont forget to leave us a review – www.RebelReaper.com

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