Episode 018: @thirtyeightrideco w/ Lee Stuart (Part 3 of 3)



Today, owner and founder Matt Cates of Rebel Reaper Clothing Company talks with Lee Stewart – professional stunt rider, Motocross, and all around in the industry since he was a kid – and also owner/operator of @thirtyeightrideco on Instagram www.thirtyeightrideco.com – Listen to the story, meaning, branding, hard times, good times, REAL SHIT people dont talk about, other things we see in the industry we make more of an effort on the develops, tips to those maybe wanting to start something, and just a ton of laughs too. Very stoked and proud to have Lee on, and also now to be able to call a friend. Dont forget to leave us a review, and checkout their products! Thirty-Eight Ride Co website/Instagram: www.thirtyeightrideco.com @thirtyeightrideco ——– Rebel Reaper Instagram/Website: @rebelreaperclothing www.RebelReaper.com

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