Episode 019: Q+A w/ Matt & Rod

Today, Matt @matt_moto and Rod @fxdb_rod are back together to discuss some questions that some of you have asked on a previous live video we did together. Just basic questions, some insights, some background stories, and just shooting-the-shit talking about life in general. We like to keep these podcasts freestyling, just off-the-cuff so its more authentic and not so scripted. So enjoy, if you’d like to hear more of these types of podcasts let us know. Dont forget to LEAVE US A REVIEW – we dont get sponsored, paid, or offered anything to do this –  we do this out of the love for the community and bringing other like-minded brands/people to be apart of this movement – we always appreciate your support – leave us a review! – www.RebelReaper.com – Instagram: @rebelreaperclothing @matt_moto @fxdb_rod

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