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    About Us & Our Mission

    About Us. Our vision, The Culture, Our Mission, The Owner's History, & Why we're here... 

    "Rebel Against The Norm" - Rebel Reaper Clothing Co. 
    We've been saying that since 2016 when we began. Here at Rebel Reaper... it's more than just selling some clothes to us, or being a "no-face" brand. We take alot of pride in our customers building their trust over the years providing premium products. With an average 4.9 Stars across Google, Shopify, JudgeMe, Shop App, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and so many more... that doesn't come easy, but that's what makes it all worth doing what we do.
    The owner of Rebel Reaper, Matt, noticed as a young classic car/rat rod/hot rod, BMX, motorcycle, apparel enthusiast the originality in apparel was what defined us growing up - then as the decades went on... it all sort of just became a big down spiral down the drain with companies providing the lowest quality products/materials, and charging a premium for it. Well, Matt noticed this and started screen printing his own shirts in house, then to a 5x5 storage unit while working a day job, moved to our first 700sq store 2 years in, then to a 1500sq location in Scottsdale, AZ - to now our current location 4000+sq in Phoenix, AZ where we are today. 
    The brand saw rapid growth in 2018/2019, where Matt and the Team decided to keep pushing against the norm, & take the complete opposite approach of 99% of apparel brands tend to do - which all have experienced unfortunately... tend to use low quality fabrics, materials, and low effort claiming to "be the best". Well, we confidently as well as the thousands of customer reviews out there... can say we ARE the best at what we do. Our team here is also a family, community is important to us, supporting small businesses, living it to the fullest. We've paved our own way and built a foundation where customers worldwide wear a brand they're proud to wear. We believe that your wardrobe is a direct reflection of who you are, what you're about, and represents your individuality that speaks volumes walking in a room without saying a word.-With a history and proven track record of thousands of customer reviews, Rebel Reaper has established itself as a renowned worldwide brand known for our unique, mild-to-wild, traditional tattoo style with a modern twist, constant innovation and bold creativity. 
    Our commitment lies in offering top-notch apparel that goes above and beyond expectations. Whether it's our custom flannels, vests, jackets, pants, button-ups, polos, bags, socks, hats, or shirts, we strive to provide the absolute best for all lifestyles far & wide.
    Choose Quality, you work too hard to settle for less than the best and "mediocre" apparel. Choose the Best, the good new is... you found it. So checkout our collections, learn more about us - when you're ready get something nice, you deserve it. Shop Rebel Reaper.
    The Rebel Reaper Team


    Store Location: 
    Store Phone: (602)975-6392
    Business Hours (Arizona/MST):
    Sunday/Monday: Closed
    Tuesday - Friday:  10AM - 5PM
    Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
    Department Contacts:
    Orders/Customer Service/Returns/Exchanges:
    Wholesale Department:
    Events/Social Media/Human Resources:
    CUSTOMER REVIEWS <--  An average 4.9 Stars on JudgeMe, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Shop App, etc.
    Our Mobile iPhone/Android App --> COMING SOON
     Rebel Reaper Store Phoenix
    Rebel Reaper Store Phoenix
    Rebel Reaper Store Phoenix
    Rebel Reaper Store Phoenix
    Rebel Reaper Store Phoenix



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